Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say about us.


Dr. Patrick Anderson

Chiropractor, USAPL powerlifter

“I had the honor of being selected to lift on Matt and Sioux-z’s gold medal winning team at the 2010 Arnold Classic. This was the 3rd consecutive year that they won the team title and each year they were coaching a different group of lifters. The one constant was their coaching. It was easy to see why they are so successful. Preparation, attention to detail, and a tireless work ethic combined to give their lifters the best opportunity to succeed. I look forward to being able to lift under their guidance in the future.”

Dr. Fred Bruno


“If you take knowledge, passion, enthusiasm, high-energy, an insatiable desire to improve, and a tremendous ability to convey his instruction to his student, and package it all into one hard-working and caring individual, you’ve got Matt Gary. He has a truly uncanny ability to determine where you are in your training and how hard you need to be pushed in order to achieve your strength and endurance goals. He can take you to levels in your training that you may not have thought possible. I have the utmost respect and admiration for his abilities as a coach.”

Dustin Starer

Golf pro, USAPL powerlifter

“SSPT is more than a gym. It’s a place to get stronger. A place to build relationships. A place to advance my knowledge of strength sports. A place to peak for my meets. It is a place I can go to get away from work and stress. But most importantly for me, it’s a home away from home filled with family members focused on improving themselves and others every time they visit.”

Mike Tuchscherer

Owner of Reactive Training Systems

“Matt and Sioux-z are both very analytical people when it comes to training. They leave no stone unturned and the ones who really benefit the most from their diligence are the athletes they coach. I worked with them at the 2009 World Games in Taiwan where I became the first American male to win a gold medal for powerlifting in the USAPL. This accomplishment is due in no small part to the strategy and game planning that Matt put in with me both before and during the contest. The knowledge level you will find at SSPT is without a doubt among the best in the country.”


Mike Repecki

Owner, CrossFit Blue Bridge

Throughout my career I have sat though more than my share of training, some good and some, well, not so good.  Your level of professionalism and care for your craft can be considered in a class of its own!  You gave training, mostly alone, for a period of well over 8 hours and did not miss a beat.  You never took a break, only lunch which was more than well deserved and never spoke of yourself in terms of what you have accomplished!  Your energy was extremely high and contagious, and you were always engaged.  It is apparent you love what you do!

Anyhow, thank you again for a great class!

Catherine Meloy

CEO, Goodwill Industries International

“I have been working out with Matt since 1997 and through the years he has created a disciplined, personalized work-out plan that has evolved over the years. As I often say Matt “pushes” me to a limit I would never try to accomplish on my own. And the result is I have been able to maintain a strong and healthy body and an educated approach towards a full 'wellness' life.”

Gail Moore

Master USAPL/IPF Powerlifter

“Supreme Sports Performance & Training (SSPT) is a fantastic gym. No matter what type of workout you’re looking for, SSPT has the answer. Whether it’s weight loss, general conditioning, or competition-level expertise, Matt and Sioux-z have the knowledge and provide the personal attention to detail that will not only accelerate your progress to your goal but will assure your success. It’s THE place to train!”

Doug Myers

MD Masters Bench Press Record Holder

“The team at SSPT has not only helped me meet my training goals — they have helped me excel beyond them. Matt and Sioux-z bring great experience and knowledge to every interaction. They offered advice at my skill level and provided great motivation and encouragement. If you need help with strength training — SSPT is the place to go!”


Jessica O'Donnell

2008 IPF World PL Champion, 7x National PL champion

“Matt and Sioux-z are a class act that make you feel like you are in great hands when lifting in a world level powerlifting competition. They know every aspect of lifting from coaching to training and they have helped me reach my lifting goals!”

Dr. Mike O'Donnell


“Matt and Sioux-z can provide expertise in specific training for sports that can’t be obtained elsewhere. They have excelled at the highest levels of coaching and competition. Add a world class facility and you have a potent combination!”

Brad Duppstadt


“The best money I’ve spent in regards to strength training hasn’t been equipment, books, seminars, or strength conferences. It is the one and a half hours I spent with Matt going over four basic exercises: bench press, squat, deadlift, and overhead press. The passion and knowledge shared that day stays with me today in every client I work with.”

Andrew Cohn

USAPL powerlifter, MD record holder

“If you value mirrors and a great social environment, then go somewhere else! SSPT is the perfect place for those who wish to elevate their performance. From the no b.s. atmosphere to the ER racks, and the unadulterated pursuit of athletic excellence, SSPT gives you all the tools you need to succeed.”