The great Greek philosopher Aristotle proclaimed, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  Therefore, we practice like we play as often as possible using the same equipment we use on game day.

SSPT spares no expense with its training tools.  We have the identical equipment that our powerlifters and weightlifters use in competition.  Our members and guests have access to some of the best equipment in the world, including, but not limited to: IPF approved powerlifting competition bars and calibrated steel kilo plates (Eleiko, Rogue, Titex), an array of bumper plates, lever-adjustable ER Racks, platforms, and much more. Scroll down for the full equipment list.







  • (1) Eleiko Powerlifting Bar (20kg)

  • (1) Ivanko OBX Bar (20kg)

  • (2) Q-Bars (20kg)

  • (2) Rogue Ohio Power Bars (20kg)

  • (1) Rogue Power Bar (20kg)

  • (1) Texas Power Bar (20kg)

  • (1) Titex Powerlifting Bar (20kg)

  • (1) Westside Power Bar (20kg)

  • (2) York power bars

  • (1) DHS weightlifting bar (20kg)

  • (1) Rogue weightlifting bar (20kg)

  • (1) Werksan weightlifting bar (20kg)

  • (2) York women’s weightlifting bars (15kg)

  • (1) Cambered Squat Bar

  • (1) EZ Curl Bar

  • (1) Iron Mind Apollon’s Axle

  • (1) Safety Squat Bar

  • (1) Multi-grip Swiss Bar

  • (1) Trap Deadlift Bar

  • (1) pair DHS Collars (2.5kg each)

  • (2) pair Eleiko Collars (2.5kg each)

  • (2) pair Ivanko Collars (2.5kg each)

  • (2) pair Titex Collars (2.5kg each)

  • (1) pair Werksan Collars (2.5kg each)

  • (4) pair West Cary Barbell Collars

  • Eleiko calibrated steel plates (566.5kg)

  • Rogue calibrated steel plates (566.5kg)

  • Titex calibrated steel plates (566.5kg)

  • (2) Collegiate Williams Strength Power Racks

  • (1) 12′ High Rogue Infinity Rig

  • (2) 8′ x 8′ power platforms

  • (2) lever-adjustable ER Racks for SQ & BP

  • (1) Chest Supported Row

  • (1) Glute Ham Raise

  • (1) Custom made Reverse Hyper

  • (1) 45-Degree Back Raise

  • (1) Free Motion Dual Cable Cross

  • (1) Williams Strength Leg Press

  • (1) Paramount Assist Chin/Dip

  • (1) Precor Treadmill c966i

  • (1) Precor EFX546

  • (1) Concept II Rowing Ergometer

  • (1) Pulling sled with harnesses

  • (1) Prowler

  • (1) West Cary Barbell DB Row Handle

  • (1) West Cary Barbell 9″ Loading Pin

  • (1) pair West Cary Barbell Farmer’s Walk Handles

  • (1) Strongman Log (40kg)

  • (1) 300-pound Tire


We also carry the following training accessories: Landmine, Jump Stretch Bands, chains, boards for board pressing, Iron Mind pulling harness, jump ropes, Manta Ray, ab wheel, blast straps, gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, a variety of medicine balls, pulldown ab strap, rack savers and suspension straps, Rogue wall ball target, plyometric boxes of various heights, Olympic jerk boxes, Open Barbell V2 & Tendo Unit Weightlifting Analyzers (requires an appointment and fee for use), various cable attachments, foam rollers for prehabilitation and restorative methods, hurdles, speed cones, and more.

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