SSPT offers expert coaching in three formats: one-on-one, game day (competitions), and game planning.

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Hands-on technique refinement

Whether you're a first-time novice or elite competitor, you are welcome here and we can help you. Our coaches will work with you in a hands-on setting to help you achieve your personal fitness and strength goals.  We'll teach proper form and execution while developing your best technique according to your body type.  You can expect a high attention to detail because we want you to understand how and why you perform the movements.  Training sessions are challenging, effective, informative, and safe.

All sessions are by appointment only.  Training sessions with Matt or Sioux-z are $100 and typically last an hour. Because we’re thorough, we won’t necessarily watch the clock unless we have someone scheduled after you.  If the session runs longer than 75-minutes, we’ll prorate your time.  As our other coaches operate as independent contractors, please contact them directly for their rates.


When it matters most

Powerlifting is our game.  Our business is personal records.  Therefore, we believe our lifters perform their best at competitions when they’re able to concentrate and focus on the only thing that matters – lifting on the platform.  A good coach handles everything else.

Game day coaching includes installing your competition game plan and handling all meet-day activities including: loading and monitoring warm-ups, managing the time between flights, submitting your attempts, and real-time feedback.  Allowing us to do the dirty work significantly increases the probability of your success.  All you have to do is execute.

Our base fee is $225/person.  We offer coaching at USA Powerlifting (USAPL), IPF, and IPF-affiliated competitions only.

Here’s what others have to say about SSPT game day coaching …

Bryce Lewis, The Strength Athlete, 2016 & 2017 USA Open Raw National Champion (105kg)

“After reading Matt’s in-depth breakdown of attempt selection and applying most of these same strategies myself, I’ve seen a definite improvement in my ability to make attempts on the platform, feel prepared, and in-charge on game day. I reached out to Matt for game day coaching for Raw Nationals 2015 because I knew I wanted to make the absolute most out of the day, and I was right in trusting him! Matt loaded every warm-up set, planned the exact time I should be lifting it, and I never once felt that I needed to be doing anything. There was zero stress. My job was just to lift weight. I can’t explain how freeing that was particularly on a day when so many people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I got to just enjoy every moment and execute when it mattered.

Besides controlling all the important parts, Matt is also a master at adjusting attempts when it matters for placing, strategically choosing numbers that either set someone else up for an attempt they should not be taking, or situate you in the best possible position to medal or win. I trust him 100% and will be repeatedly using his services.”

Mike Tuchscherer, Reactive Training Systems, 1st USAPL Male World Games Gold Winner (2009)

“Winners make attempts. Matt has definitely drilled that into my head over the years and I’ve benefited both as a coach and an athlete because of it. Matt and Sioux-z’s game day coaching is second to none. Matt’s eye for picking attempts is uncanny in the truest sense that I can convey. He knows my attempt selection better than I know it myself. And it’s not just about putting the right number on the bar — it’s about timing your warm ups, having everything you need, being in the right place at the right time and having the absolute BEST meet you’re capable of having that day. I’m happy to pay for Matt and Sioux-z’s game day coaching because it makes that much of a difference to my total. Totally easy decision.”

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Failing to plan is planning to fail

The strongest lifters aren’t always the best lifters but the best lifters are often those who make the most attempts. The two most important variables on game day are attempt selection and execution.  You’ve put in the work, prepared to the best of your ability, and now it’s time to reap what you’ve sown to demonstrate the strength you’ve built across the training period.

You must have a game plan heading into competition. Warming-up and attempt selection are not arbitrary. SSPT uses a proven, scientific method of attempt selection. While no method is flawless, ours significantly increases the probability of your success. We have used our approach with first-time novices to elite World Games champions and everyone in between.

If SSPT can’t be by your side at the competition, the next best thing is for us to install the game plan for you. This service is included for all lifters already receiving regular online consulting. For lifters not currently in the SSPT stable, game planning is $100/competition.

Lifters provide a brief synopsis (videos preferred) of their heaviest training lifts leading up the competition as well as their current PRs. SSPT handles the rest and removes all the guess work. You will receive an easy-to-follow, detailed game plan including every lift from your very first warm-up to the final deadlift.

Here’s what others have to say about SSPT's game plans ...

Ray Williams, 5-time IPF Open Raw World Champion, WR holder SQ, DL, and & Total (120+kg)

“Matt and Sioux-z are awesome coaches because they allow you to give input in the game plans they set in place for their athletes. Their game plans have helped me set IPF Open Raw World Records in the squat and total while winning five consecutive world championships (2014-2018) in the 120+kg class. With me living over 8 hours away from SSPT, if I have any problems with my lifting I always know that I can reach out to Coach Gary. There has never been a time on or off the platform when I felt I wasn’t in good hands, and as long as they are willing to be in my corner I feel honored to have coaches as accomplished as them helping me.”