Suzanne “Sioux-z” Hartwig-Gary

2014 Siouxz BP.jpg

SSPT co-founder, Multi-time national & world powerlifting champion, USA Powerlifting Women’s Hall of Fame member, powerlifting coach

Suzanne “Sioux-z” Hartwig-Gary and her husband, Matthew Gary, established Supreme Sports Performance & Training, Inc. (SSPT) in 2008 to meet the needs of local athletes and serious trainees. For over 21 years Sioux-z has been employed as a nationally certified massage therapist. She specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, and restorative massage.

One of Sioux-z’s passions is strength. She has been a successful competitive powerlifter for 27 years. She is a 29-time National Champion and 6-time IPF World Champion. One of the most prestigious honors bestowed to a powerlifter is to compete at the World Games (Olympics for the non-Olympic sports). She competed in the 2001 World Games in Japan as well as the 2009 World Games in Taiwan. At the young age of 50, she currently holds two masters world records (equipped) including a 402-pounds (182.5kg) squat and 975-pounds (442.5kg) in the total. Sioux-z also has a personal best bench press of 226-pounds (102.5kg) and 374-pounds (170kg) in the deadlift.

Her raw lifting (belt only) is equally impressive as she currently holds the Open Raw World Record in the squat at 345-pounds (156.5kg) as well as personal bests of a 181-pounds (82.5kg) bench press, 360-pounds (163.5kg) deadlift, and an 869-pounds (394.5kg) total.  What’s even more astonishing is she weighs only 114-pounds (52kg). Pound-for-pound Sioux-z is one of the strongest women in the world and literally dominated her weight class for nearly two decades. To that end, Sioux-z was inducted into the USAPL Women’s Powerlifting Hall of Fame in 2011.  She is also a 2014 Brother Bennett Award recipient.

Sioux-z’s experience as a massage therapist and competitive athlete give her an unparalleled understanding of human anatomy and how the body works. She has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities. Sioux-z is recognized by USA Powerlifting as a Senior International Coach and served as the Head Coach for the US Open Raw National Teams from 2016-2018 where she guided the Men’s & Women’s Teams to three consecutive first place finishes.  For these reasons, she is a tremendous coach and an asset to SSPT.