Consultation is ideal for those who are unable to make it to our physical location for hands-on work but still want expert oversight with their training.  We offer two consulting options: online (program design) and by phone.  SSPT consults with and designs the training for athletes and lifters all over the world from Australia to Alaska; Norway to the Philippines, and all across the United States.

Program Design (Online)

Your map on the journey to physical achievement

Custom periodized training programs are designed to meet the individual needs of athletes and lifters.  Our training plans employ an evidence-based training approach utilizing Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP) while adhering to the principles of progressive overload and specificity (SAID). Training is typically designed in three to five-week blocks (mesocycles) and are delivered via email.  Shorter blocks are more manageable for the athlete and coach while allowing real-time adjustments based on feedback and progress.

Program Design: $150/month

Customized plans include specific, daily prescriptions for your main movements and specific assistance work.  General recommendations are provided for accessory/supplemental work. (Program design for the entire year is $1,650 paid in advance.)

Total Package Consulting: $250/month

Total package consulting includes program design plus weekly feedback and video analysis. This is ideal for those who want ongoing oversight with their training.  (Total package consulting for the entire year is $2,750 paid in advance.)


The next best thing to connecting in person

Phone consultation is often the next best thing to connecting in person.  Sometimes you don’t need an entire road map to accomplish your goals.  Other times, you just need confirmation that you’re on the right path or want guidance without total oversight.

Connecting over the phone or video call (Google Hangouts, Skype) requires an appointment and fees are prorated at $90/hour. Email Matt or Sioux-z to schedule a time and get the advice you need to make a difference in your training.